Biohacking and me

Serge Faguet is an entrepreneur that has written three long controversial articles on Hackernoon and revamped the term ‘biohacking’ for me.

The articles were designed to get attention, so please look past misused memes and click-baity headings.

Serge was also a CEO of a company I’m working for. While still a CEO, he did several seminars where he described his reasoning and methods behind (then called) life-optimization. I am one of the people that that was sold on the less-than-hardcore part.

What does it mean for me?

  1. A qurterly blood panel of around 50 blood markers
  2. Implementation of strategies to change the markers that are not in the green (e.g. try supplements, change training routines, etc)
  3. Eat less sugar. Switching from a lifetime consumption of the family-recipe homemade jam was hard at first, but now I actually enjoy how food tastes without any added sweetness.
  4. Intermittent fasting protocol where I eat during 6-8 hours of a day, leaving the rest to fasting
  5. At the moment I experiment sleeping at the same times daily: going to bed before 22:00 and waking up at 06:30.
  6. Meditate daily
  7. Free weights exercise. I used to do HIIT, but paused as my main goal is gaining muscle at the moment.

What I haven’t done yet but plan to

  • Ketogenic diet for reported cognitive enhancements
  • Prolonged fasting as a cancer prevention
  • SSRIs and legal drugs
  • More sleep experiments (total darkness, coolness, and optimal CO2) with help form some devices like oura ring

All-in-all, I do not see some overwhelming results, though I do benefit from my life being more structured, i.e. when I don’t have to decide whether and when get out of bed, or what to eat today.
I view it all as a hobby that probably has some benefits of increasing my health and happiness. Also a handy conversation piece.