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My name is Andrey Lepekhin. I seek, test and implement systems that help me reach my goals: be it accountability partners, anti-procrastination techniques, psychotherapy or biohacking.

I’m fascinated by information technology and I work as a product & project manager in the field.
I read a lot of fiction (any HPMOR or Worm fans out here?), as well as rationalist blogs and about IT in general (Hacker news).

I love dancing to popular music (like Hurts - Ready to Go) and I do indulge myself daily.

If you are in Moscow, and want to meet – shoot me an email – I would love to chat offline. I’ve found that meeting with like-minded people makes for captivating dialogues, and that is another thing that I absolutely love.

I welcome criticism, one of this blog’s goals is to help me improve. If you think something could have been done/written better, you’re probably right and I will thank you if you’ll share it with me.

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