List of self-improvement-related links

As with entrepreneurship-related articles list, I just want to offload this bunch of articles sitting in my Pocket.
When (if) I come reading through them, I will add descriptions and short versions.
Beware this is a work in progress, some articles may be more than just a little dubious. Though you can still use this list to judge what were my 28-year-old self’s problems.

  1. Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think
  3. How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science
  4. My Algorithm for Beating Procrastination
  5. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Great Public Speaker
  6. Looking at Productivity as a State of Mind -
  7. My Corporate Escape Story | From Overworked to World Travel
  8. How to Make the Most of a Mentor and Get Ahead in Your Career
  9. Update Yourself Incrementally - Less Wrong
  10. Ureshiku Naritai
  11. The physics of productivity: Newton’s laws for getting stuff done
  12. Eight weeks to a better brain | Harvard Gazette
  13. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Becoming A Great Public Speaker
  14. Три способа не выполнить цели на 2015 год / Хабрахабр
  15. 27 Simple Things to Start Doing for Your Happiness
  16. Your Life in Weeks | Wait But Why
  17. How to Overcome Your Own Laziness
  18. How to learn efficiently
  19. The 5-Second Level
  20. Optimal Exercise - Less Wrong Discussion
  21. Hacking Habits: How To Make New Behaviors Last For Good
  22. Break Out of Decision Paralysis
  23. BBC - Future - The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion
  24. 7 High-leverage life skills they should teach in grade school
  25. The Socratic Method
  26. The Willpower Instinct
  27. ППП: Пять правил переговорщика
  28. Think & Grow Rich – Actionable Books
  29. Who Moved My Cheese – Actionable Books
  30. The Ultimate Guide to Learning Anything Faster
  31. 20 Awesome Self Development Questions - A Daring Adventure
  32. Structured Procrastination: Do Less & Deceive Yourself
  33. Bayes's Theorem: What's the Big Deal? - Scientific American Blog Network
  34. How to Negotiate Your Salary
  35. The Depressive’s Guide to Getting Out of Bed
  36. Learn to Love Networking
  37. a simple mind hack that helps beat procrastination |
  38. Personal Development for Smart People - by Steve Pavlina | Derek Sivers
  40. Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Easier Than You Think
  41. My Life Extension Pilgrimage to Easter Island | The Blog of Author Tim Ferr
  42. Tim Ferriss on exercise to overcome fears - Business Insider
  43. How Do You Measure Leadership?
  44. The 4-Hour Body Tools | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
  45. Functional Decision Theory: A New Theory of Instrumental Rationality
  46. High Output Management
  47. Checklist of Rationality Habits