3 links: future, present and uncomfortable

A short post with 10 thought-provoking predictions for this decade (e.g. decentralized internet and the world run by Millennials) What Will Happen In The 2020s by Fred Wilson

China leading the way with more ways to use QR codes than you can shake a stick at (e.g. meet and flirt online at bars): Remember QR Codes? They’re More Powerful Than You Think by Avery Segal.

I love awkward questions, they make one vulnerable and create a possibility for closeness and/or satisfaction of one’s needs. Here is a paper that helps stop avoiding sensitive questions. I Didn’t Want to Offend You: The Cost of Avoiding Sensitive Questions by Einav Hart, Eric VanEpps, and Maurice E. Schweitzer A quote from the abstract:

Across three pilot studies and four experimental studies, we demonstrate that individuals avoid asking sensitive questions, because they fear making others uncomfortable and because of impression management concerns. We demonstrate that this aversion to asking sensitive questions is both costly and misguided.