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Biohacking and me

Serge Faguet is an entrepreneur that has written three long controversial articles on Hackernoon and revamped the term ‘biohacking’ for me.
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Happiness Is a Chore

UPD This post rises some important questions, so I promote it from link-post to the index page for visibility.
The pursuit of happiness defines many parts of my life. Or should I say “happiness”?
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Tony Robbins interview with Tim Ferriss - my takeaways

I’ve first heard Tony Robbins’ interviews sometime in 2016. I was fascinated: a great story-teller and he speaks about things that interest me — mood-states that affect behavior, and how to change your energy levels. Here are my takeaways from one of his interviews with Tim Ferriss. Each paragraph is a paraphrased quote from Tony followed by my comment in italics.
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Why it's easy to start a subpar relationship

And what to do about it.
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