My process and goals for writing in this blog

I describe my processes for writing here and the goals behind those processes.
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Links to articles, posts, webcomics etc — are not included in the general blog roll in the root of this blog


  • Satisfy the sharing need: when I find something thought-provoking I get a craving to share it
  • Learn something better by explaining it


  1. Get a link into my Pocket mainly from: Hacker News and other IT-infused sources, friends, colleagues or RSS.
  2. Read it. If I find some parts that 1) are interesting new information, and 2) probably will improve my life if applied — I share those parts with myself via email.
  3. Once in a blue moon I read through such emails and weed out things that are no longer interesting. Maybe it seemed useful and now does not, or maybe I was trying to be trendy and now I see though my past-self. Time buffer.
  4. If I still feel like that info is useful, I then create a link-post with a small description and key quotes so that future-me (and you, dear reader) can get to the point faster.
  5. TODO Schedule re-reading of old posts or make an anki-like thing to remember and use practical parts.

Type: General blog posts

— the default type of posts that you see in the root if this blog. General blog posts are almost the same as link-posts above but I feel a lot more strongly about sharing these: their perceived importance is high. Also they tend to contain more text written by yours truly.


Getting more writing experience for

  • the skill of getting my point across quicker
  • affecting more people than usual (that is if I make a goal out of making this blog popular in the future)
  • creating a thought-archive which I can analyze, and improve upon my thought processes. I think that the ability to write down thoughts is the first major artificial brain augmentation; it would be a shame not to use it.


Same as for link-posts, but more time-consuming. Also, sometimes I have original ideas whereas link-posts are usually just my interpretation of someone else’s ideas.

I will update this post if I change the process or the goals.