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Rationalist group houses

I’ve long dreamt of an outside construct that will make me my best self without my lazy part having a say. And a lot of my routines are just that - a construct to make me behave in a way that benefits me in the long term. I’ve even sometimes dreamt of teaming up and living with like-minded people: helping and pushing each other further.
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List of self-improvement-related links

As with entrepreneurship-related articles list, I just want to offload this bunch of articles sitting in my Pocket.
When (if) I come reading through them, I will add descriptions and short versions.
Beware this is a work in progress, some articles may be more than just a little dubious. Though you can still use this list to judge what were my 28-year-old self’s problems.
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85 Things I learned being a CEO

A Hackernoon post where Sachin Gupta details lessons from his CEO career in the areas of job’s key responsibilities, decision making, culture, leadership, self-management, people management, meetings, hiring, and fundraising.
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Six Steps to a Daily Writing Habit

How to use Beeminder for a daily habit of X.
A great post by Zachary Jacobi
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