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Life satisfaction depending on number of children

My current position is against having children due to huge time commitment necessary to raise them. I do not factor in children’s happiness or their possible utility to the world into my decision. But then again, I am not an effective altruist (yet?) and do not have a pronounced moral stance as Scott does.
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Maybe The Real Superintelligent AI Is Extremely Smart Computers

I love Ted Chiang novels, especially ‘Understand’, but man-oh-man, that was a hilarious bashing to read. Scott Alexander is on the roll with his kabbalah metaphors.
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Why Am I So Lazy?

Heather Havrilesky with her raw, passionate and poignant article about (re)defining your self. Why Am I So Lazy?
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Happiness Is a Chore

UPD This post rises some important questions, so I promote it from link-post to the index page for visibility.
The pursuit of happiness defines many parts of my life. Or should I say “happiness”?
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