My process and goals for writing in this blog

I describe my processes for writing here and the goals behind those processes.
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Why don't we try really doing things

‘More Dakka’ by Zvi starts as a review on Eliezer Yudkowsky’s book Inadequate Eqilibria, and then turns to apply ideas of The Thing and the Symbolic Representation of The Thing by Zvi, and Scott Alexander’s Concept-Shaped Holes Can Be Impossible To Notice to expand on whys and hows of the problem that I can only vaguely name as “Why don’t we try really doing things”. I do recommend reading all three posts, it was a feel-good delta knowledge for me. Here I will focus on ‘More Dakka’ which expands on why we do not try seemingly obvious solutions, or attempt and never finish.
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Why choices are bad

Choosing is an area of life that I plan to optimize by removing as much day-to-day choosing as possible (wakeup routine, outfit choice, meal choice, relaxation routine, etc)
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Vigilant MVPing: the case of this blog

During my day job I frequently have to optimize software development tasks to leave only the most important, essential functionality and cut away all the bells and whistles.
This is sometimes abbreviated as MVP — Minimal Viable Product.
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