Huge productivity gains

This is how I got the biggest increase in productivity in the last 5 years.
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The intricate dance of eye contact

I’m amazed that I’ve only learned about this in my thirties. I’ve started seeing a new subcurrent of information that is communicated wordlessly (like body language). Now, it is so much more interesting to pay attention to and participate in this dance. What are they signaling? Did the interlocutor notice your move?
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Do you update your model with your actual experiences?

I do a lot to control my internal state, but I was too dependent on ideas of what happiness should be and was ignoring what I really felt in the process.
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Living in the now

Focus on the process, not just the goals; live in the day-to-day and enjoy it — I did not internalize these concepts until recently.
Some other common ideas (e.g. “silence is golden”) were well understood by me during adolescence, but the “live in the now, it’s all you’ve got” mantra was as elusive as it is ubiquitous.
Here are the quotes from two great articles that clarify this topic.
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