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Living in the now

Focus on the process, not just the goals; live in the day-to-day and enjoy it — I did not internalize these concepts until recently.
Some other common ideas (e.g. “silence is golden”) were well understood by me during adolescence, but the “live in the now, it’s all you’ve got” mantra was as elusive as it is ubiquitous.
Here are the quotes from two great articles that clarify this topic.
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Rationalist group houses

I’ve long dreamt of an outside construct that will make me my best self without my lazy part having a say. And a lot of my routines are just that - a construct to make me behave in a way that benefits me in the long term. I’ve even sometimes dreamt of teaming up and living with like-minded people: helping and pushing each other further.
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List of self-improvement-related links

As with entrepreneurship-related articles list, I just want to offload this bunch of articles sitting in my Pocket.
When (if) I come reading through them, I will add descriptions and short versions.
Beware this is a work in progress, some articles may be more than just a little dubious. Though you can still use this list to judge what were my 28-year-old self’s problems and aspirations.
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Biohacking and me

Serge Faguet is an entrepreneur that has written three long controversial articles on Hackernoon and revamped the term ‘biohacking’ for me.
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